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Automatically search through massive data sets and discover the signals that indicate when key events are likely to next occur.

Our Business is Big Data Intelligence

90% of the data that exists was generated in the last two years. It will continue to double every two years.

The staggering amount of available data and complexity of the markets often complicate decisions, even for sophisticated organizations. We use advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to evaluate enormous data sets and identify reoccurring patterns that help answer when, where, and why a decision will succeed or fail.

Take actions informed by weather, commodity markets, foreign exchange rates, manufacturing activity, and thousands of other data categories. Sometimes the effects can be clear and immediate, other times they are nuanced and delayed.

Such insights have only been affordable for elite hedge funds and governmental institutions, until now.


Our Platform is Built for Business Users

Transparent, comprehensive and results-oriented.


Augment your own information with our collection of traditional and non-traditional data.

We seamlessly integrate your information with thousands of global data sources to find linkages.


You define the events you care about, such as a pricing change, insurable event or any number of other high impact situations.

We find all similar precedents and the signals that proved to be the best leading indicators.


You automatically receive alerts at each threshold as we monitor the markets for your leading indicators.

We continuously ingest new data to find more signals and strengthen your foresight. 

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